He had the looks of a collegiate Tarzan.  Long locks, alluring deep olive color, beautifully proportioned young-manly legs, tapered ankles, magnificent calves, sumptuous thighs.  His body was taunt; it was muscularly fluid.  He was of modest height and volume; he was statuesque.  He was invitingly gentle; he had the reigned strength of Hercules.

To the aging professor beginning his last term, he was a vision.  Over his many years in the lecture-well the professor had seen many all-but-similar visions.  This one, however, was different even from the moment the young god entered the classroom and tracked across the instructor’s tired but keenly aware glance.  The god was a tad late arriving but still close enough to be on time.  This being the first lecture of the term, most other students had already arrived to claim their seat…away from the front.

The only chair left for Tyler was in the front row, directly in front of the professor.  The muses of happenchance were kind that day.  The prof gave a silent thanks.  Tyler sat easily and comfortably…and openly.  Those legs…they were spread.  His long limbs languorously displaying in toward the lecturer.  He wore the shoes of a runner, sans socks, framing a masculine elegance in foot structure.  The ankles tapered-up from the foot in a sleek climb into the most beautiful calves the tired-but-instantly-energized professor perhaps had ever seen.

Onward were the thighs of Adonis, but olive and even more striking than those of that icon.  He wore runner’s shorts, affording full view of all that gave him his physical allure.  Although sitting erect and alert, his buttocks slid forward ever so slightly giving him the relaxed posture.  And, ever so often he would flex and tap his runner’s toe or heel and so in doing produce a floppy shake of his lovely bottom thigh muscle.  The professor would momentarily lose track of his words, a happy problem with which he would contend all the term.

As the term progressed, Ty slipped rows back in the seating chart but forward in the interest and mind’s eye of the instructor.  Ty was alert mentally and fully engaged and smoothly interacted with the give-and-take of classroom discussion.  After a full career in academia and in these days of it drawing down, the professor was not easily impressed; but, Tyler impressed him.  He placed and left his mark, an indelible one, deep in the psyche of the professor.  Was it the physical beauty and its allure?  Or, was it the keen insight of his quick and clever mind and his astute and sagacious discernment?  Perhaps more likely it was a synthesis of all this that was Tyler.

And for his part, Tyler bred a curiousness for the professor and the matured and unrevealed insights he might hold.  Tyler was drawn to long conversations with him.  The illumination of views and considerations originating and coming from alternate poles of age fascinated, delighted, and satisfied them both. 

The runner and the professor became good friends that term, the last for the aging one.  They explored and stowed-away dimensions to their relationship which were central to their mutual genuine interest and growing care for each other. Their paths have diverged now, unlikely to merge again.  But each carries the enrichment and pleasure from that last season.

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