This is what you will find here in “Stories”.  I’m referring to that photo, of course.  While I can’t guarantee that all photos will be as handsomely hot as that one, they’ll certainly be entertaining.  For me, personally, he defines what I find so very attractive in a man.  And for the last several decades I’ve found that ‘attractiveness’ in Asians, especially South East Asians.

In earlier years, I viewed the German guys as the best looking of the lots.  With their severe Teutonic features I thought they were gods.  The physiques most always were in tandem with the facial beauty.  And those blue eyes, the bluest of the blue.

Then, I saw and met some Italians.  My oh my.  Additional to their darkened features, the sexuality they ooze often felt overpowering to me.  Little could I resist of them.  With their culture and savoir vivre they seemed to me to be the complete package.  One of the stories that can be seen in “Travels” is of my friend Matteo.  When I first met Matteo, he was a mid-20’s university student of dashing looks and manners.  You’ll be able to read more about Matteo in both “Travels” and “Stories”.

So, what’s the physicality that I like?  With the German guys, it was their facial beauty, those flowing locks of blondish hair, and those eyes.  With the Italian guys, it was their earthiness, their wonderfully hairy legs, the curvature of their calf tapering into their ankles. When I learned that they also were often quite cultured and with elegant manners, I was hooked.  I was in love.  I loved Matteo.  His unabashed carnal appetite, especially as he taught it to me, seemed to me to be what I had been needing (without knowing) all of my life.

Then, I came to Asia.  My first time in Thailand was a dream.  The Asian men are of such physical beauty and of such sincerely caring manner, they draw you to them and once locked-in by their charm you remain, happily.  No few sentences can truly paint the picture of their spirit and soul, but one can point to physique specifics.  I am allured by: the clarity of their slim facial structure; their nipples – most often erectly pointing like pencil eraser nubs; the contour of their legs – most often with geometrical proportions unhindered by height and, thus, leg length; the drape of their thigh – every Asian man I have ever seen, I think, has had the most attractive drape of his bottom thigh muscle.  I said that, about the draping, once to a western friend and he complained that he didn’t know the word ‘drape’ (as I used it).  I was quite perturbed with him, seeing as how he had missed my carefully crafted allusion.

This.  This guy in the photo.  He brings it all together for me.  His handsomeness, the gorgeous body, and his strong and caring glare that says, “You have found me. I am your husband.”

Well, if you are not as carried away with him as I, don’t fret.  We all have our own tastes and that is what makes life so wonderful.  There is something (someone) for everyone.  And, everyone is someone else’s dream.  I think there will be enough in “Stories” that you’ll find what tickles your arousal.  Thank you.  I hope you’ll stay with me in the time to come.

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