I don’t know how I found those old country boys except that it was on some internet site.  They had a profile for both of them together.  They were partners, a couple.  And, they lived way out in a rural area of the Deep South of the U.S.  Twangs of the “Deliverance” movie music were triggered in my mind’s ear.  But still.  They were so damn enticing.  I’ve always liked country boys.  It’s just something about them.  They always seem so horny and randy.  And usually they have hairy legs, which is big plus in my likes!

So, I made a date to go see the two of them. It took a bit of back-and-forth for the directions. Even though they weren’t so far from my town, they were way back in the country and the roads twisted and turned on the way to them.  But find them I did, and damn glad of it.  Playing with those two were some of the best fun I’ve had.

The one I connected with on the internet site and the one I spoke with over the phone planning our meet-up was Caleb.  He had one of the most pronounced Southern drawls I’ve ever come across. I’m a country boy myself, but damn if he couldn’t out drawl just about every other old boy I’ve ever come across. 

After a while of some driving on the backroads, Caleb’s directions led to a trailer park.  Yes, a trailer park!  It just kept getting better!  Ha! Finding which one was their place was easy, so in just a quick minute I was sitting in my truck outside of their trailer, wondering if I really should go through with it or not. The itch in my pants and the bulge between my legs answered that for me.

With him being sort of the leader of the couple, with the contact and directions and all, I wasn’t surprised that Caleb was the one that opened the door.  I was instantly happy I was there – he was a tall lanky old boy with cold back hair, a scruffy mustache, hair on his forearms, with his work shirt sleeves rolled up, and big welcoming smile.  “Come on in!”, he said – with the “on” pulled-out into about three distinct syllables.

He held out his tough work boy hands and we shook as I stepped up the steps.  A few steps inside the trailer his boyfriend stood waiting.  Earl was one of these ginger boys and a mildly beefy torso compared to Caleb’s lankiness.  Earl had a scruffy mustache also and then bits and puffs of reddish hair sticking out from around his shirt collar, so I knew that he was a hairy boy as well.  Two hairy old country boys to play with.  Fine by me!

But there was just one drawback — I’m not drawn to gingers. I know it may sound like I’m being a bit of a snot to be that way, but it’s the truth.  I much rather rub up next to a man like Caleb – long, dark, hairy.  But Earl was being very polite, even though a bit quiet and I appreciated that.

So, Caleb drawled out again with, “Come on over here and sit a spell.”  He and Earl sat on the couch and I sat in the offered chair opposite them.  Earl was the quiet one, as I said, and so Caleb carried the talk. Even if he didn’t say much, he drawled it out long enough that it seemed like he was saying a lot.  We had the basic small talk – where I lived, what job I had, what job they had, where we were all from originally, and such.

Then the strangest thing. Earl started to talk.  And just began to chatter and chatter.  It seemed to me like some sort of nervous talk.  It made me wonder if he was nervous about the three of us playing.  I surely hoped not because I really wanted to get next to Caleb and by this time, I was beginning to warm up to Earl and thought it’d be fun to rub up on him too and feel his beef.  So, as he was chattering away, Caleb all at once butt in and said to him, “Are you just gonna keep on tawking (ha!) and tawking or are we gonna play some!?”  Earl said, “Well I thought you were gonna finally say something about playing and ya didn’t, so I just thought I’d tawlk.”  With that, Caleb shook his head at him and then looked at me and said, “Hell, let’s play a little.” 

And with that they both stood up and right there in their place in front of the couch they unzipped and let ‘em drop, then pulled off their shirt, pushed down their briefs (Caleb) and boxers (Earl) and stood right there buck naked looking over at me.  Well I don’t need to tell you that it didn’t take me but a few seconds to join in the nudist experience.  Caleb then held out his arm and motioned me over to them.  I stepped over and they both reached out with their hairy arms and hugged me in close to them.  And we started a standing three-way body hug and squirm.

I already told you that Caleb was a tall drink of water.  And Earl though just a bit less, was still an inch or two above me, so that I fit into the hug with my face rubbing right into both of those boys’ hairy chests and nipples.  After a bit of heavy breathing and squirming, Caleb said, “Let’s to the bed (drawled as ‘be-yad’)”.  He led the three of us naked down the narrow hallway of the trailer to one of the rooms, leaving our clothes in a heap on the floor of the front room.  He kept us in a tight hugging body lock as we walked and bumped on each other down the hall. 

Now if you’ve ever been in a trailer in one of those trailer parks, you’d know that the rooms are not large.  Except that in this one, at the far end was their room, a bit larger with a king size bed. Caleb didn’t lead to that one.  He bumped and pushed us into another one, and this one was small indeed. It was just large enough for one regular size bed, and hardly any room for one person to walk around the room, let along three old boys now with three hard cocks standing straight out poking into each other and everything.

We fell into pile on the bed.  Caleb moved directly to lay on the bottom on his back.  He pulled me down toward him and on him, just where I was wanting to be.  At the same time, Earl lowered himself down on top of me.  Our sex sandwich had me torso to torso with Caleb and Earl’s beefy chest and bod laying full on me.  They boys liked to kiss.  Three country boys swapping spit and humping and riding in a pile.

I was quite into Caleb; I liked him a lot.  In addition to his rough handsomeness, he was a sweet guy – every once in a while checking with me to be sure that I was OK with everything.  And best of all, he was very, very nipple sensitive.  So am I, so we pleased each other with passionate nipple fun.  We’d tantalize our nips’ tips, then lick and suck ‘em and bite ‘em a bit.

Then, I began to really like Earl and his beef being up close and on me.  I rolled over and turned up to him so that we could have a strong hug.  He surprised me then with kisses.  I hadn’t figured him for a kisser, but it turned out that he was indeed.  And, I began to realize that I really liked to feel his full man breasts and strong upper arms and shoulders and even the reddish hair on his back.  He held me strong and wriggled on me pantingly.  Caleb said, “Damn!” And Earl answered with a “Damn!”  So, I figured I would too, “Damn!”  The three of us were gettin’ pretty ‘damn’ hot!

By now we had gotten tangled up enough that it was no longer a sandwich of boy on boy on boy.  We had rolled around and rassled around to where we all three could get to each other and each other’s parts when we wanted.  But still, it was mostly two on one with me being the one – the one in the middle of the sex sandwich.

About this time, Caleb looked at Earl humping away and said to him, “Ya about to cum!”  Earl answered, “No man, ain’t coming just yet, it’ll take me a bit more”.  Caleb said again, “Yeah man, you’re about to cum!”  Earl, “No man, not for a bit longerrrrr….damn, I’m cuuummming!”  Caleb said, “Told ya, man.  I always know when you’re gonna cum.”  I thought it was sweet. Ha!  But, I didn’t think about it too long, because Caleb and I were ridin’ each other pretty strong and soon we yelled in unison, “Damn…I’m cuming too….yeow!”

Earl kindly stepped into the toilet and retrieved a roll of tissue for our clean up.  We walked the naked walk back up to the front room, found our pants, and pulled them back on, tucked in our shirts, then looked at each other and said, “Damn, that was good!”

After a nice three-way hug, they led me to the door and shook my hand – yes, they actually did!  And, we thanked each other – yes, we actually did!  And, they told me that I was welcome to come back any time, which I did a couple of times more.  But that story will come along here in another time and in another day.  My afternoon with the country boys in the trailer park.  A good time for sure.

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