What a very nice Thai Thigh drape. And from such a happy guy!

Starting with the opening post here in “Stories”, I’ve made my case clear that I’m quite drawn to the Asian male physique. Central in that attraction is my fascination with their legs, and especially their thighs.  I’ve long been a “leg man”, thinking that part of the male body to be quite special.  I’ve lusted after many-a guy’s legs in my life!

Tarnished by sad views of equally sad western male legs, I was elated when first landing in South East Asia, seeing such limb pulchritude on open display. South East Asians wear shorts so much of the time it is a never-ending gazing dream.

What’s my beef with western legs? It’s this. While some may be quite nice, it seems to me that the majority, and therefore the average, are a bulky mix-match of muscle development with absolutely no contour or aestheticism at all. Some poor fellows’ limbs resemble old tree stumps – there in bulk but with no artistry of shape.

Enter the Asians. While certainly there are exceptions in the Asian male population (the reverse exception to that of the western guys), the Asian male’s body is a structure of beauty, separate from and regardless of facial attractiveness or personality development.

So, you need an example? Well, here.  Look at this happy lad up above.  Just a guy fresh from his shower and pleased that you stopped by to give him a look.  Two things (of many) here: Look at that smile. So relaxed, so friendly, so ready to engage. And look at that thigh. While it may not be the most athletic, it is the shape that interests me.  See how the under-muscle drapes? That is what causes my stir.

Guy leg-watching is a great sport for me here in this corner of the world. As I mentioned, most guys wear shorts most of the time. And they wear shorts that actually expose significant portions of the legs, unlike those horrid shorts (that actually are not shorts, rather old pants with their legs sniped a bit) that many western younger men wear.

Additionally, most Asian guys ride motorbikes to and from. When sitting on their motorbikes, their shorts ride up a bit further on their thigh and with the leg being bent at the 90-degree angle (or thereabouts) at the knee, the bottom muscle of the thigh is relaxed and non-flexed in the lovely drape.

Yes, I’m a connoisseur!  I’m made a lifetime of study of the male leg as seen “in the field”, and happily so. 

As such, many of the “Stories” here will readily reference the guy’s legs, most always with my pesky and pulsating desire to just plunge in between and sniff away and hope that he’ll enjoy enough to close those magnificent thighs around my neck and face while we both enjoy what triggers our thrill.

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