La Bottega di Assu has become one of my most favored addresses in Italy.

Within proximity to the storied Umbrian towns of Assisi (of St. Francis) and Spoleto (of the annual summer music festival, the Festival of Two Worlds) you’ll find the charming village of Bevagna.  La Bottega di Assu complements the village with truly fine cooking found within in this little establishment. While I know it to be a rather sweeping statement, I do think the fine lady here serves the best pasta in all of Italy, for my taste and in my view.

And, I know that I am helped in that opinion by the exquisite ambiance of the tiny little room. Such a welcoming den of pleasantness, one feels as a guest in the home rather than a commercial customer.

Should the room fill too quickly and seats are lacking, there are also a few tables on the outside although they too fill quickly.

If you should be anywhere within the vicinity of Bevagna, consider a stop-by for La Bottega di Assu. You are not likely to regret doing so.

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