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He and I drifted toward each other and then together in a way I do not remember.  With his being a mid-20’s student at the little local college and me being a decades older guy you’d have thought we’d be an unlikely pairing.  But we had something in common: we both liked other men and the hunt for them.

Greg was a truck driving Southern country boy and hot as fuck.  His online profile listed “hairy” as a body feature, something that in my experience most younger guys wouldn’t place as a note.  But Greg was different than most younger gay guys.  He was gay for sure, but wasn’t into the “scene”.  What he was into was sex, and as much of it as he could find.  That’s what led us to each other and was the basis of our sex buddy relationship.

He pursued me in the online chats.  At first, I had not yet seen his photo so all I had to go on was his written profile.  Something about him being a rural “hairy” boy didn’t appeal to me.  I guess I was envisioning a plump and pudge out-of-shape beer drinking boy with unkept animal hair – and probably smelly.  Yeah, I know.  I’m being tacky.  But I’m just not drawn to pudgy beer drinking boys.  I like mine a bit more sleek with urges they can actually act on with enthusiasm.

Then he shared his photo.  Damn!  What a hotty.  I loved the facial hair and the little, but promising, whisp of chest hair poking out from his undershirt.  (Take another look at that photo.)  A promising whisp that led to a very nice chest hair pattern that continued along his forearms and down his lovely but sturdy and lean legs.  I just had to meet him!  Happily, for me, he was feeling the need also!

Greg wasn’t much of a kisser.  He’d allow a little close lip rub every now and then, but he’d much rather get down to business, which meant frotting, sucking, and fucking – with fucking being his favorite.  Though his favorite wasn’t my favorite, we still got along and enjoyed each other.  I enjoyed his serious cuteness, his hairy appendages, and sucking him.  He enjoyed laying back and relaxing as I worked on him.  There was another thing that we enjoyed together, something that was binding for us.  We both enjoyed finding a third guy to join us.  It was the hunt for the other guy that we got off on, and then actually getting him between us, of course.

One night we met with the intention of another hunt.  Greg had found a guy online and had been talking to him.  He alerted me that he thought the guy was about ripe for being snared and he rushed over to my house.  We got in my car and went to the spot in town where Greg had arranged a car cruising meet with him.  We parked our car in the lot of the agreed upon convenience store, apart from the actual customers’ cars.  We sat and we waited.  It was the thrill of the hunt, the anticipation of what would happen, and our natural urges that all together had both of us boning up pretty good.  While we waited, we’d casually reach over and grope and stroke each other’s package.

A suspect vehicle turned into the lot but didn’t head on to parking where the other customer cars were.  Instead, it slowly eased over to our place at the side of the store.  We had already come to full alert – our cocks, our throbbing heart beats, and our wide-eyed glares.  A truck!  The guy drove a truck!  That was a good sign, we thought.  Another good old truck driving boy.  He backed up along side us and rolled down his window.  Our cocks jumped again; the guy was Black.  Greg and me both enjoyed doing it with black guys and upon seeing the guy we were especially juiced.  Greg did the talking for us.  It didn’t take too long.  Not much in the way of greetings and “how ya’ doings”.  Just a confirmation that he was the one and that he wanted to go with us and do it.  Just a few words and Greg told him to follow us to my house.

After the guy pulled his truck into my driveway and got out, Greg and I were stunned and elated with the sight.  The guy was as handsome of a hunk as we’d ever seen.  He had a chiseled and beautifully structured man face.  His nipple bumps protruded ever so nicely underneath his t-shirt.  His jeans were loose, not contoured, so at that point it was only our imagination for what his legs would be like.  He was taller than each of us and with his stud physique, it was clear he’d be the one in charge.  But yet, he had a small bit of caution – or was it nervousness.  It was as if he had not done this sort of thing before.  Sensing it, Greg asserted himself and took his natural lead on things.

Once entering the house, there was no pretense on the part of any of the three of us as to what we were together for.  No pretense of needing to do any chit-chat.  The three of us rubbing our own cock and balls made it clear to each of us what we needed to do.  I suggested that we go to my bedroom where there was a good size sitting area where we could stretch out.  Greg and I sat on the couch and expected that he would join us, hopefully sitting between us.  But the guy’s nervous hesitancy showed again.  He motioned for Greg and I to sit together and he’d pull up a trunk to sit on that he positioned just in front of us on the coach.

Now, the trunk he pulled up was an antique.  Not so much of an antique with value, but rather one with sentimental family history.  And, it was not sturdy at all; it was fragile.  I gasped thinking that a sturdy guy like him could likely break it.  Surprisingly, thank goodness, it held.  Seated there very close and in just in front of us, his loose jeans tightened a bit as he sat and we could see the outline of what we expected would be beautiful thighs.

Greg reached to rub one of those beautiful thighs. The guy gently stopped Greg’s hand and said that, to start with, he’d rather watch the two of us work on each other…that it would help him “get ready”.  I needed no further encouragement; with that, I unbuckled and unzipped Greg next to me there and slid down on his shaft.  I always enjoyed sucking Greg and this time I gave him one of my very best jobs.  He laid his head back on the sofa and began to moan.  Out of the corner of my eye I could see our guest beginning to work on himself.  Then all at once in mid-moan Greg pulled me up off of him and pushed my pants down and went down on me.  Greg would suck me from time-to-time in our meetings, but usually it was mostly me doing him.  But this time, he really wanted to do me and do me good, and he did!  I guess he was trying to get the guy more juiced-up and ready.

That action must have really pushed the guy along, because soon after Greg began to lick and suck me, the guy reached over and with his strong arms and hands, pulled both me and Greg off of the coach and sort of onto his lap.  Greg and I were both on one knee and at the same time climbing up with our other leg onto the guy’s lap as he remained seated on the trunk.  Oh, my poor old trunk!

Most of mine and Greg’s clothes were off by this time and we reached for the guy’s shirt and belt buckle.  He quickly and easily helped us begin to strip him.  Unbuckling and unzipping him allowed his cock to spring out.  Greg gasped.  The guy’s cock was huge.  Huge and beautiful, with an enticing shape and a very juicy head on it.  Greg was down on it in an instant. I wanted some of the black beauty also but Greg was owning the cock.  I was in love with the guy’s gorgeous thighs.  I pulled his pants down more to get to them.  I rubbed, licked, and fondled them – beautiful and contoured.  Deciding that I wanted to root Greg off of the guy’s cock and balls to get some for myself, I pushed in under the guy’s balls with my nose and as I did, the stud again lifted (gently pushed) the two of us down onto the floor.  Now it was going to get serious!

The guy had a plan, a design.  He wanted Greg and I to lie in a position where he could work on both of us at the same time.  It went like this:  The two of us lay on our backs, but with our torsos and legs facing each other – linear not side-by-side.  The guy then lifted and place our legs to where one of our legs laid across the other’s abdomen and chest.  This allow our groins to be as close as could be. 

Then his intent was clear.  He wanted to suck both of us simultaneous.  He was a champ!  He took us both at the same time.  Greg and I moaned in ecstasy.  In a bit, the guy took his last lick and suck and then used just his strong fist to jerk us both.  All this while I had been stroking his muscled torso and Greg’s hairy leg at the same time.  The guy strongly held our two bursting cocks in his firm fist and pumped us lustily.  In just a few strokes we gushed.  Greg and I hucked and bucked with a prolonged orgasm that overflowed the guy’s fist.  He slowed his strokes but retained the hold, gently letting us down. 

Then he took his own massive cock and began to work it.  He was on his knees in an upright position with his magnificent thighs within easy reach.  Greg and I each stroked the thigh closest, massaged and kneaded it.  It pleasured the guy and as I reached up and rubbed his ebony torso up to his nipples and gave then a squeeze and pinch, he came…buckets full…over and mixed-in with that which Greg and I had spewed ourselves moments before.  A puddle of three guys’ cum.  Quite a fitting conclusion.

We cleaned.  We quickly dressed.  At the door the guy gave us both, together, a firm pat and short hug along our waists.  We replied by bumping up on him.  Then he was gone.  Greg and I looked at each other.  We hugged – one of the few times that Greg displayed affection in an afterglow of sexual gratification and depletion.  We both knew we had done good that evening with our hunt.

Designed by wayhomestudio / Freepik

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