You may remember that I’ve written a post in Papa’s Stories entitledBud Sex”.  It describes a subset of the gay world that I had never heard of previously – wherein rural and self-declared ‘straight’ guys could and would hook-up for refreshing and rehabilitating and ‘no strings attached’ sex with each other.  If you don’t recall that post, you can check it here.

Now, this post “Gay Rodeo” describes a different scene of action.  While the guys ofBud Sexmay live within a life they’ve constructed for their sporactic convenience, Gay Rodeo is an honest-to-goodness slice of gay life in which guys forge committed relationships while participating in, and enjoying, the sport of rodeo.

I had heard of gay rodeos before, but only hearing of them as occasional outings generally around the Northern California area, as I recall.  As such, I regarded them more as a “camp” thing for diversion and recreation.  Learning that there is such an organization as The International Gay Rodeo Association ( was a revelation.

Here are two excellent articles, complete with attention-attracting photos, that fully illustrate a facet of gay life not often referenced in open discourse, but yet is one that gives warm acknowledgments of men in all walks of life living as their true selves with others.

The first is from CNN and the second from the Washington Post, two well-placed journalistic sources.

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