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Hot college boys can get you horny, real horny.  Especially when in the Deep South they most always wear shorts.  Love those legs!  But, in the Deep South the boys are often pudgy from drinking too much beer and by, well, let’s just face it, having bad genes I guess!  Some of those guys have legs that look like tree stumps, tree stumps I tell you! 

So, when I looked up and saw a hot looking southern boy sitting in the front row of my class at the small local college, who had shapely southern-boy legs, and with some nice sexy hair on ‘em, well, I woke up and something in me began to stir. 

I was always able to sort through the tree-stump boys and zero in on the hot ones.  I was fortunate that way, with my hot-boy-leg radar.  After having a good run of hot-legged guys sitting in my classes that week (and often with those legs spread apart, perfect for staring at) I was all pent-up with lust for some of those southern-boy legs.  So, I placed the online advert.

I asked for a younger man (= ‘student’) who would be interested to do some “play wrestling”.  Didn’t expect much in the way of replies, and that’s just about what I received.  Until.

He wrote a short little note saying that he could possibly be interested.  Boing!  Boner alert.  I wrote an encouraging reply.  He answered.  I wanted to be sure that he knew the (likely) age difference, so I told him that I was a teacher there at the local college, and I asked him if he was a student and had he ever had a fantasy of playing with one of his teachers, and would it interest him.  He answered quickly saying that “yeah, I have, and yeah I’d be into it”. 

After confirming what I was looking for (a guy to play with, to do fantasy wrestling and maybe role-playing), he answered that he was “basically a straight guy” but that he was interested in the fantasy and was looking for some “body contact and rubbing”. 

We set the time and meet-up place for that evening which was to be quite soon after our last text.  I arrived first at the deserted car park. After just a minute or two, I saw the lights of the truck enter.  It slowly cruised over to me.  He positioned his truck with our drivers’ windows adjacent.  We each slowly rolled down our windows.  Huge surprise.  He was black!  (I had not even thought of that possibility.)  And, quite a handsome black guy.  We agreed we wanted to do it.  He was to follow me to my house.

Arriving, I could hardly contain my excitement as he came in the driveway behind me.  Emerging from his truck, I saw he was a medium height, but still a couple of inches higher than me, very handsome black guy with a good solid medium build, not overly muscular but neither skinny.  As he came closer, I was taken by his very nice smile and sumptuous lips.  We shook hands.  I unlocked the house’s side door.

We walked in and did a little bit of small talk.  He was 24, a pre-med student, worked a part-time job at the local hospital, had often thought about doing with another guy what my post had suggested, but being straight he was reluctant, but reading my ad, and especially learning that I was older, he thought that he would be “safe” trying it with me.  My heart leapt. I flirted and cooed like a school girl.  Looking at him and knowing that soon I would touch him and he would touch me, well, that was a fantasy in-and-of itself!

After our little talk (all done standing), I asked if he wanted to….  He nodded.  We stepped toward each other.  We took strong hold of each others arms.  We bumped chests.  We bear-hugged.  He still had his jacket on!  So, we broke for some moments for him to remove it and, in doing so, he revealed a v-shaped torso.  Nice, oh so nice.  We looked at each other, smiled, and grabbed again.  He lifted me.  I lifted him.  And even then, I could feel his cock growing into a boner.  Mine was already full grown and after a few more wrestle bumps his was full grown too.  He smiled his beautiful boy/man smile.  I motioned down the hallway to the bedroom.  Entering and without any words, we both stripped.  He had on boxers. Not quite my preference.  I like butt-hugging contour-defining briefs.  I suggested he change for a pair of my briefs.  I gave him a couple to choose from and he willingly changed.  So now, two studs in their briefs, which were barely holding their boners, glared at each other.  Another chest and boner bump.  Another bear hug and we fell, locked together, onto the floor where I had prepared a pallet for the match.

His legs were sculptured.  His butt was so very nicely round and firm.  And his front-package was nicely contained and outlined, showing a cock throb ever so often.  We rolled around on the floor with our legs entwined and arms holding tight in a hug and with our hands taking hold of whatever could be reached.  We knew we were not wrestling for real, but just using it for an excuse to hump and have the body contact (as he had said).

He was such a good and friendly guy.  Was not uptight at all.  Was playful and communicative – a guy I felt at ease with.  And even though he was a straight guy, our boners poking-out big time from out under our briefs didn’t bother him at all.  He was quite OK with the very close body contact, even when it involved our faces.  Often during the grunting hugs, our cheeks would rub when we butted our heads and foreheads pretending to be tough guys with each other.  Then, whenever we became ‘winded’ (especially me!) we would slow it down but not let go of each other, rather we kept on holding/hugging and just lying there resting, even when doing so meant the time-out would be spent with our cheeks resting on the other’s.

Then, it progressed so that the front of our faces bumped and rested on each other.  No problem for him.  Our noses would touch and bump and during rest periods our nostrils would remain closely adjacent where we would breathe each other’s wind into our own nostril.  And for a few times, our lips would rest together.  At this point, just to be sure, he repeated to me that he was a straight guy and didn’t want to kiss, but doing what we were doing (face rubbing) as part of the match was ok.  I wanted to be sure that everything was indeed ok with him, so I asked him such.  His facial response showed surprise at the question.  He said, “well yeah, just look down here”.  And “down here” on his wrestling briefs were two big wet spots.  He chuckled and said “yeah, its ok, I’m enjoying it”.

So, there it is.  Amazing.  A handsome, very nice/friendly, black straight guy, enjoying holding, hugging, rolling around with and playing with a white guy decades his senior.  After our initial encounter we met a number of times for our matches.

How did the matches ‘play out’?  Well —

After the first time, all the subsequent ‘matches’ were just a pretense for us for frottage which centered around rolling on the floor and then up onto the bed. 

^ I would get my head down between his thighs, he would squeeze his thighs tight around me.

^ When between his thighs I would nuzzle my nose up high to where it would rest underneath his balls, where I would lick him through his briefs. Then upwards further onto his shaft.

^ We would take turns laying on top of each other, with the guy on the bottom wrapping his legs around the others torso.

^ This would be done while still in our wrestling briefs.

^ At a point, we would take off our briefs…actually, we would make it part of the match where we would gruntingly and growlingly strip each other.

^ He would lie beside me (after we got on the bed, both on our backs) and put his arm under my neck and with his other hand and fingers play with my nipples, with our legs rubbing next to each other.

^ I would do similar for him.  And, of course I would suck him.  A large beautiful cock.  I would suck, lick his balls, lick under his balls.

^ We would hold each other’s cock and jerk to completion.

^ We would lie with our faces very, very close together.

^ He would let me kiss him on his cheek.  He would even turn his head, inviting me to do so.

^ Of course, he did not suck my cock but he did suck my nipples.

^ And then, one night I asked him about kissing.  He repeated that he didn’t want to do.  I pointed out that during our matches our faces and lips had often been as close as if we were actually kissing.  He chuckled.  He said that he, of course, had never kissed a guy and was not sure that he could even do it.  All of the other touching and erotic rubbing was no problem for him, but he wasn’t sure he could actually kiss another guy.

^ I realized that he was trying to say that it would be OK with him to try.

^ So, I told him that all he had to do was just lie there with his face still and I would kiss him – on the lips, not cheeks.  He said OK.  Done.

^ He didn’t mind.  Then…

^ I told him that all he had to do was to pucker just a little as I kissed him again on his lips.  He did.  I did.  We both chuckled.  It was a bit anticlimactic, realizing that we had done so much more other erotic stuff.

He became a good friend.  He liked coming for the visits, often contacting me asking if I was available.  Having met David just a few months before the end of the term and my move away from the little college, we didn’t have much time for many meetings, and no time for some of the things we said that we would like to do together (going to some movies and staying overnight, just enjoying a full weekend together).

So, after a while we had our final meeting and final match.  Afterwards, as I walked him to the door and we were saying our final goodbyes, we paused at the door.  He took me by the forearms and held me firm.  Not like a wrestling hold, but a “I’m going to tell you something important” type of hold.  He thanked me for sharing my “passion” with him and showing him how wonderful “passion” could be.  Then he gently leaned in and kissed me – on the lips.  I miss him….

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