And here is our Dandy for the day.  Stylish, isn’t he?  I think he would pair quite well with our first lad in the Dandy Series, seen HERE.  Mr. Red Jacket and Mr. Blue Pants.  View them side-by-side. 

Can you not just picture them? – meeting for a quiet afternoon tea in a sophisticated lounge, sitting close and enjoying a whispering conversation, legs crossed knee over knee in the dandy fashion, knees and shanks occasionally touching.  Their hands and delicate fingers begin to find the other with gentle taps in making a statement, then a bit of patting and rubbing, then playful but affectionate hand-holding. 

They realize in each other the serenity and calmness of gentlemanly refinement.  And they promise to see each other and sip again….of the tea and other pleasures.  Such lovely bon vivant lads.

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