A hotel in Paris that is conveniently located within easy steps of quality shopping, inviting restaurants, a picturesque sidewalk café’, several well-connected Metro stops, and all at an attractive rate?  Surely it must be a jest, you might say.  But it’s true.  I would invite you to view and consider Le General.

Certainly, Parisian prices can send a jolt through to even the most seasoned travelers.  And, it can be an arduous adventure to parse through the promotional pleas of a host of hotels.  But there are properties that provide comfortability for quality, service, and price.  Le General is surely one of the brightest in that cadre.

It is located on Rue Rampon within one city-block from Place de la Republique and within easy strides from three metro stations.  A more convenient location I do not think you could find.

But what attracts me and pulls me to Le General is not only the quality, not only the location, and not only the pricing.  It is wonderfully fine and genuinely friendly staff that keep the place humming with its amiable and welcoming vibe. 

Le General is certainly not one of those high-rise chain things.  Rather, it is one that can be quite successful in realizing that oft-sought claim of providing individualized attention and service.  A case in point —

On my first stay at the hotel, I arrived quite early one morning, around seven o’clock.  Alighting from the taxi and wobbling through the entrance, I was met by a smiling young lady receptionist reaching-out to take one of my bags and cheerily greeting me by name….by name!  We stepped toward what one would expect to be the check-in desk, but instead it was only a lectern though a stylish one.  She asked for my passport as I fumbled with my brief case searching the printed-out page of confirmation.  She saw and said, “Oh, I only need the passport.  That identification will have all your details.  It’ll only take me a moment.  May, I get you a coffee?”

She was true.  It took only a few moments and she was ready then to hand me my room keycard.  I had expected, of course, that check-in would not have been offered or even possible at that early hour of the morning.  I was fully prepared to leave my luggage and then wander to look for an early baguette and espresso and then wander some more until allowed to return. 

Quite surprised at being handed access to my room that early, I thanked her sincerely and spoke my appreciation.  She said, “Oh, you had told us in your emails the time you expected to arrive and we appreciated that, so we wanted to be sure to be ready for you!”  Ah, so that’s how she knew my name upon arriving and seemed to be standing ready [almost] to open the front entry door for me.

I’ve made Le General my home for the past three visits to Paris and I expect I will continue.  Le General can help make a Parisian stay affordable and quite pleasant.  You can see about them here: https://legeneralhotel.com/

So, how was it that I found this hotel in the first place?  How did it come to pass?  Well, by following my own advice to you in an earlier post about hotels which you can see HERE.  I followed those steps.  They most always will yield just what you need.  Happy travels!

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