A Polite Country Boy

I had not realized in those moments in those times with the polite blond country boy, that he was likely wanting us to be more than friends, for us to become “good buddies”. I’ve had a hankering for country boys ever since.

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He and I drifted toward each other and then together in a way I do not remember. With his being a mid-20’s student at the little local college and me being a decades older guy you’d have thought we’d be an unlikely pairing. But we had something in common: we both liked other men and the hunt for them.

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Tyler the Fantasy

Tyler was a runner. He routinely wore the clothes of a runner --- the low cut tennis/runner shoes, the low cut socks, the thin shorts falling to slightly above his sturdy knees, with the small slit up the side revealing nothing while standing but a good thigh side-view when seated.

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An Adventure on Bangkok’s Fabled Soi Twilight

Perhaps you’ve heard of some of the delights that can be found in Bangkok for the pleasures of the mature gay gentlemen. Old timers may tell you that the scene is not what it used to be, which is certainly quite true. But there are still many delights to be found, if not on that soi, then on others.

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