Are you an epicurean?  Are you a culinary connoisseur?  Or, are you one who just enjoys the simple though elevated occasions of food artfully prepared, presented, and savored?  Well then, may I share with you some stories of an historical and iconic restaurant in Rouen in the heart of the Normandy of France.

La Couronne, since 1345 situated across from the old marketplace of Rouen and the 1431 scene of the torture and fiery immolation of Joan of Arc, is truly a gourmet destination.  It was, as such, the introduction to France for a young Julia Child.

Read here Julia’s recollection of that which she called her “epiphany” for French cooking: “At twelve-thirty we Flashed into Rouen. We passed the city’s ancient and beautiful clock tower, and then its famous cathedral, still pockmarked from battle but magnificent with its stained-glass windows. We rolled to a stop in la Place du Vieux Marché, the square where Joan of Arc had met her fiery fate. There the Guide Michelin directed us to Restaurant La Couronne (“The Crown”), which had been built in 1345 in a medieval quarter-timbered house.”

To see the link and read more of Julia’s words, click on the sentence just below – it is ‘hot link’ to more of her words and a fuller description of what she called her “epiphany” for French food.

La Couronne of Rouen

And here is a delightful recounting from Shannon Ables of a pilgrimage and homage to Julia as she recreated (for herself) Julia’s epiphany for French cooking found at La Couronne.

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  1. Simply Luxurious

    Thank you very much for the generous sharing and introduction to my post spotlighting my dining experience “with Julia Child”. Each time I recall this memory, I am delighted and satiated ☺️.

  2. Gay Papa

    You are most welcome, Shannon. And thank you for the delightful recounting of your wonderful experience at La Couronne “with” Julia. I’ve not yet dined at La Couronne – did ‘step-in’ once for a quick see. But, my own lunch/dinner there “with” Julia is certainly on my list.

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