Adventure – Sophistication – Gentility

while absorbing the freshness, wonderfulness, and lust of gay life 

in the reaches of the world far and near

Welcome to Travels with Gay Papa your home on the web where mature gay gentlemen, and their admirers, may find a relaxed setting to set loose their travel dreams

What's in "Papa's Travels"

Here you can find ramblings of travel adventures, travel hints and suggestions, and brief essays and dispatches of collateral interest to the mature gay traveler.

Travel can be either out-and-about reality, or that from the comfort of your own nest – “arm chair” travel and travel of the mind.  Either way, travel offers unmatched stimulation to the senses.  Here in “Travels” you’ll also find some of Papa’s remembrances from his own travels that he’d like to share with you.  Much of this will be from the gay eye’s view, but not all.  We are, after all, well-rounded gentlemen.  Thank you for reading and do enjoy.

What's in "Papa's Stories"

Here in “Stories”, you’ll find narratives more frank and explicit delighting in the joys and pleasures of the carnality of travel.  This is the “mature content” portion of our site.  Many of the stories are direct from Papa’s experiences over the years; some are from his deep well of imagination.  We’ll try to note which is which as we go along.  Some of the stories will be enhanced with photos of handsomeness and allure. 

Still saying “hmm”?  Well, take a look, here, at the first post to help for a better idea of what we’re talking about.  But now since this is “mature content”, in order to advance to that page you’ll need to click the little box indicating that you fully understand what it is that you are requesting to see. Thanks for reading and do enjoy.

WARNING: Due to the mature content in these stories only enter if you are 21 years of age or over

Who is Papa?

Papa is a happy guy of ripened age (hence, “Papa”) who has enjoyed a full life of travel and its wonderful experiences.  He’d like to think he’s always gone about it with gentility, but at times with a bit of earthiness. He also likes to write about it in the hope that sharing it will bring interest and pleasure to you.  And, of course he is a gay guy, that goes without saying!  He’s a “westerner” but with a strong affinity for Asia where he now lives.